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Benecol® foods are a range of great tasting foods that contain the special ingredient - Plant Stanol Ester. Consumption of 1.5g - 2.4g of plant stanols from Benecol® foods every day can reduce LDL 'bad' cholesterol by 7% - 10% within 2 -3 weeks. Consuming more than 3g plant stanol per day will not give you any additional cholesterol reducing benefit. One Benecol® drink contains just the right amount of Plant Stanol Ester in one bottle to achieve the optimum cholesterol lowering effect of Benecol® foods. There is no need to use any other Benecol® foods if you have one Benecol® drink every day. However, if some days you want to use the other foods in the range instead of a drink, then the recommended daily amount is 2-3 servings of Benecol® foods:


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